Health Professional - Coresse Scott

Associate Charge Nurse Manager, Community Nursing Services, Southern District Health Board

Coresse Scott coordinates the team of district nurses who provide community nursing services in Otago. She believes having district nurses working closely with our Community Care Coordinators (CCCs) means patients on the Otago Community Hospice programme get the best possible care.

“We both have our specific skills and areas of expertise and we work closely together to ensure the patients we have in common receive the very best care. At our weekly meeting with the CCCs, we discuss each patient and this helps ensure the flow of information between the teams is seamless.”

“Depending on the situation, the patient’s GP or one of the specialist Hospice doctors may also get involved. The district nurses are there to provide holistic care including physical symptom management, so as part of our conversation with Hospice staff, we may also pass on information about any non-physical symptoms we have observed with the patient or their family, such as emotional or financial stresses.”

As a healthcare professional, Coresse says one of the most valuable aspects of the Otago Community Hospice is the access it affords her and her team to specialist knowledge.

“It’s really useful to be able to pick up the phone and tap in to the Otago Community Hospice team’s expert knowledge. They’re really open to acting as a sounding board and working collaboratively to arrive at the best solution for the patient. It’s all about getting the best outcome for the patient and the Hospice team is always willing to offer suggestions.”

“We also frequently tap in to the training and education services offered by the Otago Community Hospice and we find these sessions really beneficial.”