Patient - Bruce McColl

“The Otago Community Hospice has been bloody marvellous,” said Cromwell resident, Bruce McColl.

Bruce was on the Otago Community Hospice programme for about twelve months and said he was treated with so much respect it was embarrassing.

“The whole team - in the inpatient unit, the community team, everyone - they’re all just so warm and welcoming. I can’t praise them enough. I’ve been in to the inpatient unit in Dunedin twice to get my pain and medications under control.

“The inpatient unit is wonderful. It’s a beautiful location and I can’t praise the people highly enough. The food is great, the rooms are great, it’s all bloody great!”

Most of Bruce’s care was delivered out in the community at Ribbonburn Home and Hospital where he shared a unit with his wife, Margaret. Bruce received weekly visits from his Central Otago-based Community Care Coordinator (CCC) who checked that he and his family were doing well.

“They keep a bloody good eye on me,” said Bruce. “They keep an eye on my medications to make sure the balance is right and they keep an eye on my wife. Margaret and I both know we can call someone at the Otago Community Hospice 24/7 and they will help us. It’s reassuring for me and my family to know that I’m getting the best care and support possible - all in my own home!”