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This year we need to fundraise $2.4 million to maintain our hospice service. Over and above the fundraising, we rely on the community donating a range of goods to help our hospice run at the highest standard. This wishlist is a tangible way for you to help us, and we appreciate each and every item.

Community Care Teams and Inpatient Unit

  • We need a high quality chess set for our Inpatient Unit.
  • Five VIP licences valued at $1200 each. VIP is the Hospice's patient management system - and currently we are limited to 20 users logged into VIP at any  given time, which given growth and regional reach is starting to cause problems. Additional licenses will enable us to have additional users (nurses, OT's, social workers) at one time - ensuring that we can support the growth and extension of our services both here in Dunedin but also very relevant to our growth in North and  Central Otago. Each license costs $1200 upfront plus an additional $22 per month in support costs.


  • Garden vouchers – any value is fabulous
  • Petrol vouchers - $10 of value are ideal
  • Supermarket vouchers – $50 of value are ideal


  • A medium sized yardbroom 
  • Milo, Hot chocolate, Coffee and Cocoa 
  • Biscuits & crackers 
  • Mini cans of coke, coke zero, lemonade, ginger beer & ginger ale 
  • Cereal, porridge 
  • Oils – cooking, olive & rice bran 
  • Specialty Cheeses 


  • University Book Shop vouchers 
  • Conversations on Dying – A Palliative Care Pioneer faces his own death – Phil Dwyer 
  • After the Death of a Child – living with loss thought the years – Ann Finkbeiner 
  • Compassion – The essence of palliative and end of life care – Phillip Larkin 
  • The Price of Love: Selected Works of Colin Murray Parkes – Colin Murray Parkes (2015)