Biography Training Done and Dusted in Central Otago

Posted Wednesday April 3, 2019
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Rebecca and Christina have just wrapped up the Central Otago Biographers Training, and we now have eight biographers ready to roll in the region.

The training starts with an information and recruitment session which was held in Cromwell in mid-March. This is an important part of the process as it allows for people who were interested to come along and find out more about the Hospice and the Biography Service and ensure that it's right for them before committing to the two day training. It's also invaluable as Rebecca and Christina get to meet with those interested and to be clear about what the service is (and isn't). Those who were keen to pursue the training then had to put in their application and three people decided  that it wasn't a fit for them.

The last weekend in March saw Rebecca and Christina back up in Cromwell at the Gate with eight keen budding biographers who were put through two days of learning about Hospice, importance of boundaries, self-care and the biography service as well as focusing on team building. The participants all reported on the value of the training and the connections they made (turns out one woman had moved to the area three weeks prior and was neighbours with another participant!)

We are very fortunate to have such a strong community connection, and to be able to pull eight entirely new and committed volunteers to offer this service in Central. The new biography service will launch in Central Otago in early May.


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