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Otago Community Hospice is an Otago-wide community-based service providing specialist palliative care services free of charge to those who are faced with terminal illness. We have a holistic philosophy of care, based on the Mà„ori model known as Te Whare Tapa Wha (the four cornerstones of health). This means we look after the whole person: physically, emotionally, socially, culturally and spiritually. We affirm life and believe in making the most of it, neither hastening nor postponing death. We deliver this holistic care via a multidisciplinary team, whose members include Community Care Coordinators (who are specialists in palliative care), palliative specialist doctors, counsellors, a social worker, an occupational therapist and a spiritual care coordinator.

Otago Community Hospice is a euthanasia-free service, therefore does not provide any form of assisted dying. However, our palliative care team will continue to provide expert palliative care to patients, whatever choices they make at the end of life.

We have four community teams based in Dunedin, Central Otago, North Otago and South Otago. We also have an Inpatient Unit in North East Valley, Dunedin. Mostly care is provided where the patient lives, for example in their own home or in a residential facility. Some of our patients are cared for as inpatients, either in our dedicated Hospice facility or in partnership with community hospitals throughout the Otago region. In the community, we work closely with primary palliative care providers, such as GPs, District Nurses, hospital and other community-based health teams.

For Otago Community Hospice Referral Guidelines and the Referral Form click here.

Find our Hospice FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) here.

Patient and Carer Comments on Hospice Service - 2020 

Hospice have been amazingly supportive.  Way beyond our expectations in service and care.  We really appreciate the help.   

We are impressed by your proactive approach.  We have appreciated meeting your staff and their answering questions not necessarily specific to the Hospice but also managing terminal illness and the issue/challenges that arise.  

Quite exceptional support. And "direction" which is really needed when you feel quite overwhelmed and not sure of your next move (despite regarding yourself as competent and able to make decisions) - retired GP. 2020 

As a carer I have been impressed by your insight - experience - much needed by those of us who are on this journey for the first time. A gentle but firm presence in helping us (my wife & I) make necessary but not easy decisions about her care - support.

Such comfort knowing you lovely people are only a phone call away during home visits.