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The Kōwhai Programme was created in 2010 to provide education for whānau who are caring for loved ones who are using the Otago Community Hospice service. As well as advice, the programme also provides an opportunity for people to connect with others who are going through similar experiences. 

The Kōwhai Programme traditionally has been delivered via face-to-face sessions in Dunedin, Wanaka, Alexandra, Cromwell, Oamaru and South Otago.

We also recognise that the need for the Kōwhai Programme is ongoing and may not be accessible to all due to time or distance. We have created this website to ensure those who can't attend our sessions, or those who need reminders, can access all the resources on offer at all times.

We also have developed a podcast for carers in the community. 

Upcoming Programmes:

Time: 12 - 2.30pm
Location: Otago Community Hospice, 293 North Rd, Dunedin
Feb 13th - March 12th
April 23rd - May 21st
June 25th - July 23rd
Sept 3rd - Oct 1st
Nov 12th - Dec 10th

The Rural Kōwhai Programme (Thursdays)
Location and time TBA

Please talk to your Care Coordinator or contact the Kōwhai Coordinator Denise van Aalst for more information. 

Central Otago 
8th February
 7th Mar
 4th April
 2nd May
 6th June
North Otago
15th February
14th March
11th April
9th May
13th June
East  Otago 
29th February

Kōwhai via Zoom
We also offer the chance to attend Kōwhai via zoom on Tuesday evening concurrent with the Dunedin programme. While there is great benefit in attending the group in person and connecting with others (and get lunch served to you!) we understand that not everyone can do so. So if other commitments prevent you from attending in person you are welcome to attend via zoom. 

Zoom sessions run from 7pm to approx 8.30pm Tuesday.
2024 programme dates:
Feb 13th - March 12th
April 23rd - May 21st
June 25th - July 23rd
Sept 3rd - Oct 1st
Nov 12th - Dec 10th


Kōwhai Programme Queries:
Dunedin, North Otago and South Otago contact Coordinator Denise van Aalst ph: (03) 473 6005 or 0800 473 6005 or email:



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