Combined 71 Years of Volunteering Comes to an End

Posted Tuesday May 31, 2022
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The gardening volunteers who have taken care of the garden in area with the play ground have decided to hang up their trowels and retire from their volunteer roles with the Hospice.

We are amazed at the contribution these three wonderful women have made to our Hospice. 

Heather Hore came to us as a volunteer in George Street. But when the new building in North East Valley was built, and the gardens were developed, she shifted over to the garden volunteer role. She was that year joined by Irene Vare. They have done the garden ever since - every second Thursday, with some months off in the winter season. They were joined by Maureen Baty in 2004.  We are so grateful for their valued contribution - all terrific and experienced gardeners, they truly contributed significantly to our beautiful, peaceful garden space.

We are going to miss them hugely.

Keep an eye out on the gardening pages of the ODT - as Heather, Irene and Maureen are being interviewed soon about their time with the Hospice gardens by Gillian Vine, the gardening editor.

(L-R) Irene Vare (22 years), Heather Hore (31 years) and Maureen Baty (18 years).