Ending life well. A podcast series for carers

This series is for New Zealand family carers who are faced with caring for a loved one who is dying.

Developed by the specialist palliative team at Otago Community Hospice and supported by Hospice New Zealand, the series provides reliable palliative advice and information for carers who may find themselves out of their depth caring for someone nearing end of life.

The series was inspired by the Kowhai Programme - a well-established carers education programme created in response to research done in collaboration with the University of Otago in 2010.

Available to listen to on Spotify or by clicking the links below:

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Ep 1: Carers - How to Keep Yourself Well
When looking after a loved one, looking after yourself is a priority too.

EP 2: Small and Tasty - Tempting Someone to Eat
Meals can become difficult at end of life – learn about the signs of when to encourage someone to eat, knowing when to let them be, and meeting the food desires of your patient.

Ep 3: Pills and Potions - Managing the Meds
The meds on this journey can be confusing and overwhelming – we provide tips on managing new, different and changing medications.

Ep 4 Grief and Loss
Grief is different for everybody. There are no clear guidelines, but we have some advice for adapting to the grief you are feeling.

Ep 5: Carer and Patient Fatigue
This is a very tiring journey – learn about why you as a carer are feeling so tired, and how you can manage your and your patient’s fatigue.

Ep 6: Rest, Relax, Sleep
You need to ensure that you rest, relax and sleep – we provide some ideas about how to fit this into your carer’s schedule, without letting your patient down.

Ep 7: What to Expect at End of Life
What does dying look like? And what do I need to do at the time of death? 

Ep 8: Advance Care Planning
Every decision you make in advance will help make everything easier later. This episode is a must listen for carer’s and family members.

Ep 9: What does Grief look like?
Grief has so many different forms of expression; it’s not always about crying. Learn to recognise how your and others grief is conveyed.

Ep 10: Finding Meaning - The Importance of Self
These days of caring for someone you love who is dying will be hard. But it is important to ensure you find some meaning in your day-to-day actions.

Ep 11: Breathlessness
Often patients will experience breathlessness; we give you tips and techniques for dealing with breathlessness, so you are prepared.

Ep 12: Different forms of Grief and some helpful tools
You world has turned topsy turvy. This episode provides are some key actions to help you stay the right way up.

Ep 13: Myths around Morphine and other Meds
There are plenty of myths around about Hospice and use of Morphine – but this episode explodes those myths, and details how meds work at the end of life.

Ep 14: Legal Matters
What you need to know about Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney

Ep 15: Funeral Planning
Making some choices in advance is crucial, and can help your patient as well. Don’t leave this planning to the last minute, we’ve got lots of tips on how a funeral can be run.

Ep 16: Guided Relaxation Technique
This six minute recording can help with feelings of anxiety or a busy mind.

Ep 17: Guided Relaxation and Visualisation
This relaxation and visualisation recording can help with feelings of anxiety or a busy mind.

Ep 18: Relationships and Intimacy at the End of Life
The power of touch, connection and intimacy during this journey can be significant to both carer and patient. We shares some ideas to help you sustain your relationship.