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We provide care co-ordination in your community, no matter where you live. Our community services are based around care coordinators who are supported by regular visits from a specialist doctor and with access to the wider Otago Community Hospice multi-professional team which includes a social worker, an occupational therapist and a spiritual care coordinator. We have teams supporting patients in North, South and Central Otago as well as urban Dunedin.

For Otago Community Hospice Referral Guidelines and Referral Form click here.

What We Do

  • Specialist assessment of patients and advice to patients, family/whanau and the patients main care giver – e.g. GP
  • Anticipate patient’s future information needs and provide education and resources
  • Provide advice by telephone. Telephone consultation is available from palliative care coordinators and registered nurses 24/7
  • Support patient’s GP by specialist doctors when symptom management gets complicated
  • Co-ordinate night carers who can provide overnight care for a short period
  • Family Support. Our Family Team is made up of counsellors, a social worker, a spiritual care worker and a cultural support worker. Our Family Support team are available during working hours and can help with advice, counselling, spiritual care, bereavement support and financial assistance
  • Help families get the services they need
  • Referrals for occupational and/or physical therapy evaluation
  • Patient and family education via our Kowhai Programme

24 Hour Advice and Support

Otago Community Hospice provides advice and support for patients, family/whanau, caregivers, as well as healthcare professionals around the clock.

Patients and families can access 24 hour phone support by phoning our Dunedin urban base on 03 473 6005 or 0800 473 6005


Healthcare professionals can also access the specialist expertise of Hospice staff 24 hours a day by phoning 0800 473 6005.